how to have a work/life balance

Everyone warned me that moving to NYC is a work hard play hard type of environment. Ain’t that the truth. Creating a work/life balance is essential to leave time and energy to enjoy everything life has to offer. There are two different types of people in this world. One who lives to work, and the other who works to live. I 100% fall under the latter. It is important to me however, to create a work/life balance so I am able to live life to the fullest, but only after I get the job done. Below are some tips that have helped me throughout my career thus far, along with an outfit that will have you feeling like a #girlboss.


how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance

  1. start the day: as soon as I wake up I like to start the day immediately. Unless it’s the weekend, and that all gets thrown out the window. On a good week, I will start the day with a barre class before work because it starts my day on such a positive and productive note. If you start the day feeling productive and are busy the minute you wake up, I promise your entire day will fly by and you will get a lot accomplished.
  2. get to know your calendar and deadlines: this is a big one and touches on my type A personality of always needing a plan. Surprise deadlines are no joke and not fun at all. Starting your week and planning out for what’s to come in the week or two ahead will eliminate any surprises. I especially do this if I have plans after work and need to leave on time. You can plan out your week and figure out a game plan and if you need to stay late some times to get the job done and ensure you can follow through on your fun after work plans. Work/life balance check!
  3. make a list: I am obsessed with lists. Written lists are the only way I can keep my tasks organized. And when you can cross something off…ahh that feeling. Am I right?! I start each week with a fairly large list and try and schedule out my week based on what I have to accomplish. These lists are my bible and they often get re-written a couple times a week and always done in the order a task needs to get accomplished.
  4. stay off your phone: I am going to repeat this again. Stay off your phone. It is the biggest time suck on the planet. I am saying this to you as much as I am saying it to myself. I’m not going to lie, I waste a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and dating apps. I almost need to hide my phone so I can disconnect and focus on the job at hand. I say this as I keep getting distracted by my phone while writing this. Sometimes I just wish I could throw my phone away and take a good month off.
  5. take a lunch break: I love, love, love a good break during the day. Taking a lunch break away from your desk is crucial in the middle of the day. Being away, not thinking about work for an hour, talking with friends resets my mind to come back to my desk alive and ready to tackle the afternoon. Studies show it also helps with productivity, so who am I to dismiss that.

how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance how to have a work/life balance