how to dry brush

I have been hearing about the dry brushing phenomenon for quite some time. I am not one to have a lot of steps to my beauty routine, but I’ve decided to mix up my routine and give it a try. My focus is to strive for softer smoother skin, and making sure it stays that was for the colder months ahead.

The art of dry brushing comes with practice. Also through reading the directions below. The benefits are like no other- reduces cellulite & builds elasticity, improves circulation and acts as a lymphatic massage. It’s also the best exfoliator, and helps absorb any moisturizer 10x better. Dry brushing literally adds a few extra minutes to your routine, so it’s a no brainer to just do it.

how to dry brush

the how to | dry brushing

  1. Buy a nice long dry brush [here]
  2. Stand completely dry in the shower or on a towel
  3. All brush strokes should be circular and work your way from your feet and work toward your heart
  4. Strokes should have a lighter hand and work in a circular motion of 6 inches and repeat about 10 times in one area
  5. Using the longer handle stroke for your back, work downwards in circular motions
  6. Shower
  7. Moisturize like crazy-my favorite is currently with oils

how to dry brush how to dry brush

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