Fashion Magnets

What you will need:



Magnet Board (any craft store)

Step 1

Start out by flipping through your favorite fashion magazines and cut out any pictures you love or are inspired by.  I save every issue from every fashion magazine, and have bookshelves of old magazines to flip through for amazing pictures and inspiration.


Step 2

Once you feel you have enough cut-outs to fill the entire magnet board, you can begin to peel the cover off the magnet.  The best thing about this magnet board is; it has a sticky layer that you can just place your cut-outs on with no mess or clean up.


Step 3

Once you have peeled the entire layer off the magnet, you are left with a sheet of sticky black magnet.  Begin to place all of your magazine pictures on the sticky part.  Make sure the picture are facing up because that will be your end product.  Make a collage and put the pictures close together so you can fit more on the board.


Step 4

Begin to cut the magnet as close to your picture as possible.  Any type of scissors will cut the magnet very easily.  Once you have all of your pictures cut out, place them on any refrigerator or filing cabinet for a chic and fashionable collage.  This project only takes a couple of hours and costs less than $10 to make.


Great decorations or gift ideas.  I plan on using these as party favors for a chic and girly wine night with my friends!