don’t need a boyfriend just need the boyfriend jeans.


what you need
boyfriend jeans
white acrylic paint
pink fabric paint
black fabric paint
paint brushes

where to buy

you can use any pair of denim, i happened to buy mine for $4.99 at a thrift store about 4 sizes to big. proceeded to then sew down the legs in an attempt to make them less baggy. then took in the waist to create the perfect fit. i would never expect you to be this weird, so i urge you to work with a pair that actually fits. trust me, it’s less of a hassle and this project will take you less than an hour. the paint and paint brush can be bought at any ac moore or michaels craft store.


what to do

1. put a long of white acrylic paint on the large paintbrush and splatter the shit out of your jeans. go a little crazy, there does not need to be a method to the madness, the messier the better.

2. paint branches onto the pants using the black paint. i did one on a back pocket, one on the front leg and two on each side by the front pockets.

3. mix the pink and white paint like the color theorist you are until you get a light pink shade that you are happy with.

4. paint flowers wherever your heart desires. you can either make this literal or abstract, customize to your preference

5. add a darker shade of pink in the center of the flowers

6. revel in how cute your new boyfriend is and how all the girls will be jealous

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