As much as I love to travel, my love for routine, especially in the beauty department reigns strong.  I always pack my best travel size beauty products to ensure I feel comfortable and at home whenever I travel.  I will be in NYC this weekend for a fun girls trip, followed by a 3 day work trip which will be long and stressful.  Keeping this in mind, I want to look my best at all times. Whether I am out and about mingling with the girls over brunch and cocktails or in back to back work meetings I want to keep my skin and hair looking fresh and rejuvenated. I have rounded up my all time favorite beauty essentials that come in travel sizes.  All fit within an 8.5″x8.5″ cosmetic bag to allow more room for clothes in my suitcase!   Never rely on hotel products, always bring your own beauty essentials to look and feel your best.



Best Travel Size Beauty Products

Bumble & Bumble Shampoo&Bumble & Bumble Conditioner: I can’t get enough of this brand and their hair products. The fragrance alone sold me on their product and the way my hair looks and feels after shampooing and conditioning is so soft and healthy. Lucky for me they carry travel size bottles so my hair will look and feel the same all week!


Bumble & Bumble Spray de Mode: This hairspray is great because it does not leave your hair feeling stiff or dry. It’s flexible hold keeps my curls in tact all day! My trick with hairspray is to mist about 8″ away from the top of your hair and spray because it acts as a dry shampoo and I can make my curls last a couple days!


Purity Face Cleanser & Sephora Eye Makeup Remover: I feel when traveling, especially in a big city I want face and makeup cleansers that really do the trick of cleaning your face. I love these two products because after washing my face I actually feel as if all the dirt, makeup and toxins are cleansed from my face. I never sleep with my makeup on and a good cleanse helps me sleep better at night.


Sephora Face Masks: Enough can’t be said about these sheet masks. I would do one mask a day if I could reason the price per mask. It is worth every penny to do one per week though! The sheet masks are soaked with serums depending on the mask and leave your face glowing. I am obsessed to say the least.


L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand & Nail Ritual: I was told you start to show your age the most in your hands.  Since then I religiously apply lotion to my hands throughout the day to keep them moisturized. This duo is perfect to keeping your hands looking soft and young. The cuticle oil makes my nails look so healthy while the shea butter really locks in the moisture. The size is perfect to throw in your bag and this product lasts forever!!


Ultra Repair Lip Therapy: The perfect product for your lips. I love using this before I apply any lipstick because it acts as the perfect primer. I am addicted to this product for when I have dry lips. I use this lip product year round and will never be without it!


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