fashion blogger q&a blog post

There once was a thing called writers block. It happens every so often and I tend to run away from it. Today happens to be once of those days, except I am forcing myself to push through it. It’s a challenge to think of content that is interesting, relative, new and valuable for you guys.

I always get a ton of questions about blogging, fashion, where I shop and what I am loving. Decided now would be a perfect opportunity, to push through the writers block and do a little Q&A blog post so you can get to know me a little better. I would love to do this again, so feel free to  comment below or on my IG any questions about anything fashion, dating, life, work, you name it I will answer it!


fashion blogger q&a blog post

Do you blog full time? This has to be the number one question I get from anyone and everyone. I do not blog full time, but would love to be my own boss and run Proverbial Hearts full time in the future. However I do work in fashion as a buyer for a menswear company. I have been in mens fashion for almost 7 years now from working in stores to product development and buying and absolutely love the mens fashion world.

How do you manage a work/life balance? How are you able to fit in blogging with a full time job? I am a very type A organized person. Everything has a system, and I have a to do list at all times, whether in a notebook or in the notepad section on my iPhone. I like to know what my plans are well in advance because I really do time block and schedule everything. Anything that I don’t plan for or comes up on a whim tends to give me anxiety. I like to stay on a Mon/Wed/Fri blog post schedule. I plan out my content a couple weeks in advance, shoot all my outfits and looks on the weekend and use my nights and weekend mornings to do all my writing. Blogging is a lot of work but I absolutely love it, so this tends to fall into the “life” balance and I count it as fun.

Did you know you always wanted to work in fashion? I knew I always wanted to be in a creative job for as long as I can remember. Originally I thought I was going to be an interior designer on TLC’s Trading Spaces but I was rudely awakened. I knew I would go the fashion route since middle school and learned to sew on my own making all my dresses for prom and school dances. Most people don’t know this, but I did go to college for fashion design and have a minor in art, despite going the merchandising route for my career. I wish I still had the time to design and make clothes, but that is were I got the idea to incorporate DIY projects into some of my blog posts to keep that creative spark alive.

What’s your trick for feeling instantly inspired? I am very effected by my environment. The spaces I feel inspired in are minimal, clean and white. If a space is cluttered, loud, or doesn’t speak to my aesthetic I am instantly turned off and have a tough time focusing. When I need to feel inspired, I usually organize my closet and drawers, and make sure everything is in its correct place. If this doesn’t work a long walk and some fresh air usually does the trick.

fashion blogger q&a blog post

Describe your style. What do you keep in mind when you’re putting the finishing touches on an outfit? This is the hardest question to answer. I feel like I am somewhat lost with what my style is. I go back and forth about what I like. Somedays I want to be super feminine and wear florals and dresses. Other days I feel like I am an edgy groupie and want to wear Levi’s and band tees. I am still figuring it out. I think at the end of the day it is ok to wear or be any “style” you want as long as you can wear it with confidence. Before leaving the house and adding the finishing touches on an outfit I stop and ask myself, am I comfortable. If I am not comfortable I am not going to be confident. I always have really productive and positive days when I feel my best and am wearing an outfit I love. 

What do you wear to work? What do you wear on your days off? I just moved to NYC for a new job, which came with a whole new dress code. There wasn’t one. This opened up endless options and everything in my closet was fair game. I have recently been wearing a lot of distressed jeans and white blouses. Fall is here so I am living in leather leggings and oversized sweaters. On my days off I live in my cozy white bathrobe. From the minute I walk into my door I am in my bathrobe. If I am out running errands, or walking around I am usually in yoga pants or boyfriend jeans because I want to be super comfortable.

What do you feel most confident in? I feel most confident in a pair of high waisted trouser pants. They just fit my body in all the right places and really elongate my legs. I always find the best prints and colors at Zara and have a collection in my closet. You can wear to work and dress up, or wear with a t shirt and make more casual.

fashion blogger q&a blog post

What is your favorite store to shop at? I tend to only shop online, mostly at ASOS or Nordstrom but I have been loving Shopbop lately. Moving to NYC has made shopping an entire different ballgame. There are huge stores and tons of them wherever you turn. I find myself perusing Zara and Topshop a lot lately to see what the new trends of the season are. I do enjoy seeing how the stores are merchandised and gain a lot of inspiration from the mannequins and how the stores put different outfits together.

What is your ideal day off look like? An ideal day off for me, would be sleeping in till about 10:00. Making a huge pot of coffee and drinking a couple cups from bed while reading my fashion magazines and looking at Pinterest. I love to walk around the city now and take everything in and love meeting friends for brunch at a new spot I have’t tried. I am very low key and like to keep my days simple and relaxed. If we are talking about ideal days, I would love a good facial and massage, but typically I never treat myself to those.

fashion blogger q&a blog post

What are the top places you want to travel to? Number one on my list for as long as I can think would be a cruise to Alaska. It is somewhat of an obsession and I hope I can make it a reality in the next year. You would be surprised how many people want to travel and when you mention Alaska everyone turns away. I also want to go to Charleston, SC which I think will be the destination for my birthday this year! Lastly I would love to go to Fiji and totally disconnect from all social media and read a ton of books and relax from a hut on the ocean for a couple weeks. That’s not asking too much right?!

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see another q&a blog post like this again!