behind the scenes with luxe leisure on proverbial hearts

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you Luxe Leisure, a one stop shop dedicated to curating a premium collection of contemporary fashion brands for the modern woman.

I am especially honored to say the brands’ co-founder Christine Crevier, one of my best friends. She is one of the hardest working girl bosses I know and I couldn’t be more proud of her chasing after her dreams. I urge you to shop their site, visit Luxe Leisure pop up shops around Boston and read about the brand below.

behind the scenes with luxe leisure on proverbial hearts


  1. Tell a little about yourself, your brand/company and how it started?

I am the co-founder and managing partner of Luxe Leisure, a specialty retailer focusing on curating a premium collection of contemporary fashion brands for the modern woman.

I grew up being surrounded by fashion, my mother was a fashion designer and both my grandmothers were avid seamstresses. I have always been passionate about fashion and knew from a young age that I wanted a career in the fashion industry. I studied fashion merchandising and business in college and went on to pursue a career in fashion buying and merchandising.

Fast forward almost 7 years of working in corporate for multiple fashion brands, I felt my inner creativity and passion being hindered and wanted to chase the dream I always had of owning my own boutique and being my own boss. This is where the vision for Luxe Leisure was born.


  1. Why did you decide on an online store vs. a storefront?

Living in Boston, I saw multiple fashion boutiques come and go, leaving a void in the market for a specialty retailer. I thought to myself, if there is nowhere for me to shop besides big box retailers who all had the same product mix and congested atmosphere, where are other women going to shop and find the latest trends?

I knew this was an opportunity for Luxe Leisure and we officially launched in September 2017 as an online retailer leveraging monthly pop up shops to bring the brand to life. Through our pop up shops, we have been able to reach our target consumer in different environments and bring Luxe Leisure to our consumer versus having them come and find us as a new retailer. So far, we have had pop ups at hotels and luxury buildings around Boston as well as popular shopping destinations like Newbury Street.

Having longer-term pop up spaces like this help us to create a unique brand experience for our consumer and give them the opportunity to view our full range of products in person. Stay tuned as we have more pop-ups in the works for the upcoming holiday months!

Eventually we would love to have a permanent brick and mortar store in Boston. Any investors out there who want to help make our dreams a reality?!


  1. Who is the “girl” that you buy for?

We buy for the modern woman, our friends and family, and ourselves. We look to all of them for inspiration and feedback on their wants and needs that help us curate a special assortment each season that is fashion forward and wearable.

The modern woman or “girl” we buy for is confident, dynamic and strong. She believes in herself and others, has a strong set of core values which guide her to pave her own pathway, not following in anyone else’s footsteps. She wants clothing to be on trend, comfortable and to fit in with her current wardrobe.

behind the scenes with luxe leisure on proverbial hearts

  1. How did you select the styles/brands you sell?

Luxe Leisure launched in September with 8 brands, have added 2 more since then and will bring in at least 3 new designers for Spring/Summer. As a startup, we knew we had to start small to be sustainable and grow, but also have enough product and variety to meet the needs of our consumer.

As a female led company, it was important for me to ensure Luxe Leisure also had a strong representation of brands that were founded/owned by other women. Brands like ALALA, Michi, Nesh NYC and Varley were all founded by independent, successful women and have teams of strong, like-minded women at the forefront representing their brands. I am also very passionate about finding new brands and designers that we can introduce to the Boston market. Many of the brands we launched with had little to no distribution in Boston. It is both exciting and motivating to say we’ve played a role in bringing these great brands to a new city.

The curation processes at Luxe Leisure starts with a strong knowledge of how our girl is shopping and choosing her outfits. Our Fall/Winter collection has our girl covered from workout attire designed with function and style in mind to amazing outwear and leather jacket for these cold autumn and winter months. Let’s not forget about her must-have tees/tanks, bodysuits and live in leggings that are trendy, stylish and wearable in her everyday life.

Visit our website or one of our pop up shops to discover up and coming, innovative designers as well as coveted contemporary brands.


  1. What is the best business advice you have received?

The best business advice I have ever received is to always believe in yourself. Especially when starting your own business is it extremely important to always stay motivated and believe in yourself and your company. There will be people who will tell you that you may fail or to give up, but you need to stay strong, persistent and optimistic that your vision and dreams will come to life and be successful. You need to be your own motivator and sometimes that is also the hardest part in starting your own business.


  1. What inspires and motivates you each day?

Looking for new trends and brands has always inspired me and now being able to bring this to life in our own way has been amazing and very motivating. We are very passionate about our consumer and understanding their lifestyle and wants from us as which is always motivating and driving us to work harder and make sure we have the right product mix for them.


  1. What sets you apart from other retailers?

One of our strong leverage points is in offering exceptional customer service to make sure that each one of our customers feels that they are receiving individual attention and can find product specific to their needs, increasing customer loyalty and engagement with our brand. The buying strategy, brand matrix and strong understanding of our consumers needs and what they can’t find in other retailers in the area will be what sets us apart and makes us stand out.

  1. Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In 5 years, we hope to have a full brick and mortar store location in Boston as well as running a successful e-commerce site. Our website builds a community where other women can go to find inspiration from other successful women, read about their own stories and build a strong network. We feature other entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers who share a common goal of wanting to motivate and inspire others. Luxe Leisure hopes to also grow this community and grow the brand into other cities.

Enjoy 30% off all product using code HEARTS and shop my curated favorites in ‘Proverbial Hearts Top Picks‘ on Luxe Leisure! If you are Boston based, make sure you stop into the next pop up shop on Saturday & Sunday December 9th & 10th at Yotel Boston in the Seaport.